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I am one of the ultimately fortunate people in life: I have turned what I love to do into a career! I knew from the moment I read “ exercise physiology” in a college pamphlet I wanted to work in health and fitness. My journey has been fueled by the desire to help my clients be active and stay active.

As my career as a strength coach and personal trainer grew I started to realize my clients were going to health professionals and coming back to me with the recommendation to stop doing the sport or exercises they loved. I started to realize the majority of healthcare professionals are brilliant at treating the 99% of people that want to just get by with medications and respond well to light therapy treatments, while the fitness population was falling into a crack in the system.

Two things motivated my by this:

1.) This is me and I wasn’t able to get help with my own injuries. (I tell all my clients that I do this because “I’m the same crazy as they are.” I wasn’t going to stop)

2.) These were my clients and people who wanted to be healthy and couldn’t find help, and I didn’t have the tools it took to fix them.

So, I decided to go back to get my Doctorate in Physical Therapy to bridge the gap between medicine and fitness. It worked! Between my 10 years of experience in the training and coaching world and now 11 years of treating as a physical therapist I have developed the right mix of manual therapy, exercise progression and programming to keep anyone doing what they love to do. I firmly believe “everyone can do whatever they want to be able to do.” The process looks very different for every person, but I’ve seen success time and time again. If you dose the exercise or sport in the right manner; the world is yours when it comes to the gym and life.

My goal is to not just get people out of pain and back to what they love, but to educate them to make sure they understand concepts of healthy joints, spines and bodies so every time you walk in the gym, track, field or even just your neighborhood sidewalks you get the most out of every workout!! My goal is for you not to need me!

During the week you’ll find me doing CrossFit, hanging out with my dog Tank and winding down with some TV in the evenings. Weekends are for friends and family… I enjoy social workouts, and competitions then finishing the day off with a great meal and maybe a couple beverages. Life is all about balance!

Bachelor of Exercise Science, Mt Vernon Nazarene University, 2005

Master Personal Trainer, GO Fitness and Sports, 2005-2015

NASM certified, 2005

FMS certified, 2006

Doctor or Physical Therapy, University of Dayton, 2010

Level 1 SFMA, 2012

KinetaCore Functional Dry Needling Level 1, 2015

KinetaCore Functional Dry Needling Level 2, 2016

Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete II, 2019

Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete: Pregnancy and Postpartum, 2019

Phone: 614 - 636 - 1727 Email:

I am one of the ultimately fortunate people in life: I have turned what I love to do into a care... Read More

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